SOTO Junmai Daiginjo Japanese Sake 300ml

SOTO Junmai Daiginjo Japanese Sake 300ml

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SOTO, meaning 'outside' in Japanese, is a celebration of the earth's purest elements brought together to make this premium quality all-natural product.

Finely polished specialty rice and pristine mountain water from the Niigata prefecture. The expertise of our Toji (Brewmaster) ensures a delicate smoothness with a mild taste and elegant aroma.

Serve chilled and enjoy straight, in cocktails or while dining.

All Natural, Gluten Free, No Additives, No Preservatives, No Added Sugar, No Sulfites

TASTING NOTES – Smooth and crisp with hints of apple, cucumber, and melon

NOTE – Slightly floral, gala apple, lemon zest